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Cold Thorn Part 1

Profile:Cold Thorn Part 1
This Chinese excerpt is from the modern militant action novel “Cold Thorn”, or 冷刺, written by 天地飘鸥. You’ll be reading the first part of Chapter 1: King of the Commandos (特种兵之王).
Advanced Chinese Reading: Cold Thorn Part 1The language here is very heavy on the cheesy military slang, so if you like action movies and thrillers, you’ll be able to catch quite a few of the cliches.
If you’d like to finish reading the book after you finish this first bit, the full text is available online from Sina.com‘s book archive.
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冬眠 – dōng mián – Hibernation
斑驳- bān bó – Mottled
潜伏 – qián fú – Concealed, covered
纹丝不动 – wén sī bù dòng – Not move a whisker
闷热 – mēn rè – sultry
追踪 – zhuī zōng – Track, trace, follow a trail
特战 – tè zhàn – Special forces
狙 – jū – Lie in ambush
杀戮 – shā lù – Massacre
匪夷所思 – fěi yí suǒ sī – Freak, fantastic
比武 – bǐ wǔ – Martial / military contest
军区 – jūn qū – Military region
出局 – chū jú – Be eliminated [from a contest]
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Han Feng silently hid beneath a thick pile of dead leaves, motionless, as calm as a hibernating snake; no, he was even more silent than a snake. No one would think that a strong life could exist inside such a motley, rotten pile of dead leaves, it was as if [the pile] had always been this way. There was no way to imagine that a person could hide in this environment for two days without food or drink, not moving a whisker. In this vast primeval forest, the weather was so stiflingly hot as to make men suffocate, as if they were rotting from head to toe; needless to say the clamminess was very uncomfortable, moreso since Han Feng was covered in a thick pile of dead leaves – it was difficult to even draw breath.
And so Han Feng hid there not making a sound, his very sense of life nearly fading away, as special units came and went around him; even the most expert trackers, the “Quick Foxes” special forces unit, didn’t discover his position.
He didn’t move, he didn’t dare, because he knew that in the forest special forces experts were laying in wait to ambush him. He must be the most patient hunter, or else he would become someone else’s prey. Everyone else in his group had already been “hung”. In the “massacre” three days before, they’d “died” in battle one after the other. But he, relying on his superior sixth sense and freakish agility, had escaped his opponent’s ambush, and had also “killed” more than a few of supremely experienced special forces elite, somehow taking no wounds himself. It was a real miracle that he’d managed this under attack from 10-plus special forces elite groups!
To this Commando Competition, an international “special forces soldier” face-off held once every five years, came elite commandos from the world’s seven major military regions. Each [soldier] had [proven themselves] in numerous battles – it would not be unrealistic to say that any one you picked out of the bunch could single-handedly wipe out a whole unit of regular soldiers. This Commando Competition was a real military engagement, everything was like a real war, except for the fact that blanks are used for ammunition, all other equipment was special forces standard issue. A ten day limit, no reinforcements, no support, every man for himself, anyone eliminated is out of the running.

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