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Travel in Chinese Lesson 96 Elephant Trunk Hill 2

Profile:Travel in Chinese Lesson 96 Elephant Trunk Hill 2
















Michael: 太棒了,我回国以后一定要把这些故事告诉我的朋友。



导游:就是这条船。 人豪:好的。(上船)


Michael:而且还有这么多的故事,这么多的传说。什么“手套石”“望夫石”、 “九马画山”……




Renhao: Could you take a photo for us?

Visitor: OK. One, two, three.

Renhao: Thank you.

Michael: Thanks. I just heard from the person taking the photo that there’s a story about this Elephant Trunk Hill. What’s that about?

Renhao: Oh, the story, it’s very well known.

Michael: So you all know. Well, tell me.

Local: Legend has it this mountain was a real elephant, whose owner was a deity in heaven. One day this elephant came to Guilin and was mesmerized by the beautiful scenery as it stood at the bank of the Lijiang River.

Renhao: But its master wanted it to go back to heaven. The elephant refused and the master was so angry he killed the elephant with a sword. Look! wher there’s a ridge on the mountain. People say that’s the handle of the sword.

Michael: Is that right?Let me see. Hmm, now that you mention it, it does look like it!Do all mountains in Guilin have a story like the Elephant Trunk Hill?

Local: In Guilin, there are three very famous mountains: the Piled Festoon Hill, Fubo Hill and the Elephant Trunk Hill you just saw. These three mountains are all very beautiful, as to the stories……

Michael: What other stories?

Local: As to the stories, you have to find them yourselves.

Renhao: Haha, come on. Xiaogu, don’t leave him hanging. You’d better tell him.

Local: Actually, there are so many stories about the Guilin scenery. Why don’t we take a boat cruise down Lijiang river and let the tour guide tell you all the stories?

Michael: That’s great! I must tell my friends about all these stories.

Local: Come on. This way please.

Guide: This is our boat.

Renhao: OK.

Renhao: The mountains and rivers here are just breathtaking. I feel like I’ve walked into a beautiful painting.

Michael: And there are so many stories and legends, like ‘Glove Hill’, ‘Wangfu Stone ’, and ‘the Mural Painting Cliff’.

Renhao: Haha, look how far gone he is…

Local: Wait till you get off the boat. There are even better sights waiting for you.


1、碰巧 it just so happens


I was lucky to be able to buy a discount ticket.


It just so happened i ran into one of my old classmates while attending meetings in Shanghai.

2、分别 seperately, respectively

(例)这个问题, 我分别问了几个人,答案都不一样。

I asked several people this question one by one. But the answers were always different.


He's been to three countries this year, respectively, America, UK and France.

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Elephant Trunk Hill

Situated majestically at the southeast of Guilin city and along the west bank of the Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill 象鼻山 is regarded as the symbol of Guilin landscape. Resembling an elephant leisurely sucking water from the river with its long trunk, this hill has been known as Elephant Trunk Hill for hundreds of years.

The hill tower is 55m above the water, measuring 108m in length and 100m in width. Between the trunk and the legs of the elephant is a cave, in the shape of a full moon, penetrating the hill from side to side. People call this the "Moon-over-Water Cave". At night the scene of the waves in the moonlight is exceedingly enchanting. On the walls in and around this cave, over 70 inscriptions from the Tang and Song dynasties were found, praising the beauty of hills and waters nearby. Halfway up the hill lies another cave, which also pierces the hill and serves as the eyes of the elephant.

There are several hills to explore in the area immediately around Guilin, like the Wave Subduing Hill 伏波山. Here you can see a fine view of the city below, as well as a huge rice pot from the temple that is large enough to cook rice for 1000 people! Other great views of the city can be had from Folded Brocade Hill 叠彩山. Of course, all of the hills in this areas have names, many feature temples and cultural relics. And many are just a nice place for a leisurely hike or stroll.




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