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Travel in Chinese Lesson 91 Flaming Mountain

Profile:Travel in Chinese Lesson 91 Flaming Mountain














人好:你知道吗? 这里的沙子有60多度呢。来,咱们找找有没有熟了的鸡蛋。经常有游客把鸡蛋埋了以后就走了。










小杰: 太好了,我还没摘过葡萄呢。













Xiaojei: Dad, what is this place? I’m burning up, and can barely catch my breath!

Renhao: Yes, it is really hot here. Xiaojie, have some water. Let’s rest for awhile.

Xiaojei: Thanks, I was so thirsty!

Renhao: I bet! It looks like Flaming Mountain really lives up to its reputation!

Xiaojei: Whoa, Flaming Mountain?! When Sun Wukong made his journey west, he crossed this mountain!

Renhao: Xiaojie, that’s just a folk tale. Flaming Mountain didn’t really catch on fire; but because the stone here is red, if you look at it from far away, it looks like it’s on fire, so it is called Flaming Mountain.

Xiaojei: But Dad, look: this is the gourd that Sun Wukong used back then. Who says it’s just a folk tale!? Flaming Mountain became famous because of Journey to the West.

Renhao: Haha, it’s not a good idea to just guess the etymology. Sweetheart, are you hungry? Why don’t we go have some boiled eggs?

Xiaojei: Boiled eggs? There aren’t even any trees here; how could there be any restaurants?

Renhao: Well, you don’t have to just wonder. Come on, I’ll take you.

Xiaojei: The sand here is so hot.

Renhao: Did you know the sand here is over 60 degrees? Come on, let’s go see if we can find any eggs that have been cooked. Lots of tourists come here and bury an egg, and then just leave.

Xiaojei: Oh, you mean they’re “boiled” in sand! Can they be cooked that way?

Renhao: Of course! There’s one right here. Crack it open, and see whether or not it’s cooked.

Xiaojei: Wow, it really is!

Renhao: Xiaojie, let’s go back to the car to eat. It’s too hot here, come on.

Xiaojei: Dad, wher are we going next?

Renhao: I’m going to take you to try some grapes.

Xiaojei: Great! I’m hot and thirsty, and was just thinking how good some fruit sounds. Mom says Turpan’s grapes are the sweetest.

Renhao: Not only are they sweet, they’re also fresh. We can go to a vineyard and eat grapes as we pick them.


1、瞎+V blindly, pointlessly


It's very safe here. Don't panic or think any crazy things


Don't be ridiculous, he's not that kind of petty person.

Sign Posts

Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Region is located in the northwest part of China, and covers fully one sixth of China’s land area. It has magnificent natural scenery, from snow-topped mountains, to vast grasslands and deserts, and lush green valleys. As a part of the famous Silk Road, Xinjiang also boasts a great deal of cultural relics, Buddhist caves, tombs, and ruined towns. Combined with the rich culture of the Uygur and other minority peoples of Xinjiang, this all makes this region a very fascinating tour destination.

Its geographical position makes Xingjiang’s climate typically dry and continental, with short warm summers and long, cold winters. There is a sharp difference in temperature between day and night, abundant sunshine in the day with intense evaporation and thus little precipitation.

The Flaming Mountain, in the middle of the Turpan Basin, never fails to charm those who come to this mystical land. The highest peak is about 40 kilometers east of the city of Turpan and 832 meters above sea level. It was made very popular thanks to a classical novel--The Journey to the West, which is, in effect, an account of the adventures of the Monkey King 孙悟空. According to the fable, it is said the Monkey King stirred up trouble in Heaven and kicked over the oven on which the gods made immortal pills. Burning charcoal fell from the sky to wher the Flaming Mountain now lies. The Flaming Mountains are so hot and so dry that, according to one saying, "flying birds 500 kilometers away dare not come". Under the blazing sun, the red rock glows and hot air curls up like smoke as though it were on fire, giving the Flaming Mountains their name.

Substitution and Extension

1、Adj+死 extremely


We've walked so far today. I'm exhausted. I'm almost dying.

2、因......得名 be named after/for


The Sun-Moon Lake is named that way because of the shape of that lake.




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