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Eight Major Cuisines 八大菜系

Profile:Eight Major Cuisines 八大菜系
Sichuan Cuisine
One of the eight major cuisines in China, Sichuan cuisine consists of many famous and special dishes with local flavors in Chongqing, Chengdu, north Sichuan and south Sichuan. With more than 3,000 approaches in nearly 40 categories of cooking such as frying, stir-frying, quick-frying, sauté and steaming. Sichuan cuisine is top-ranked for its variety of flavors.
Shandong Cuisine
With a long history and wide influence, Shandong cuisine is an important ingredient of China’s dietary culture. Shandong cuisine is salty, crispy and tender—and delicious! All the dishes are precisely made. The cuisine is famous for using shallots in flavoring its signature dishes such as roast duck, roast suckling pig, deep-fried pork hock and deep fried lamb with sesame sauce.
Jiangsu Cuisine
江苏菜用料以水鲜为主,刀工精细,注重火候,擅长烛、烟、熄、糯;追求本味,清鲜本和,咸甜醇正。代表菜有“拆烩大鱼头”、 “清蒸鲥鱼”、 “野鸭菜饭”、 “银芽鸡丝”、 “鸡汤煮千丝”、 “清炖蟹粉狮子头”、 “双皮刀鱼"等。
Jiangsu cuisine is famous for its seafood and features fine cutting and slicing skills and cooking duration. Jiangsu chefs employ slow-cooking and smoking to great effect to produce a salty and sweet flavor. The representative dishes include braised fish head, steamed shad, widgeon dish, chicken shreds with bean sprouts, chicken soup, crab meat & minced pork balls in casserole and fried hairtail with ham etc.
Zhejiang Cuisines
Precisely made, Hangzhou Cuisine boasts great variety, and favors quick-frying, frying, braising, and deep-frying; Ningbo Cuisine is salty and tasty, mainly cooked through steaming, roasting, and braising. The dishes are delicious, tender, soft and smooth; Shaoxing Cuisine is famous for river food. The dishes are tasty, crispy and soft and the soups are delicious and thick with rural flavors. The representative dishes are West Lake fish in vinegar gravy, Longjing prawn, Fenghua small clam and Nanhu crab meat.
Guangdong Cuisine
Guangdong cuisine mainly consists of three sub-cuisines from Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang. Its famous dishes include: roast suckling pig, boiled white prawns, “Dragon Tiger Phoenix,” family cooked chicken, stewed pork with taro, fried slices of snake with chrysanthemum and snake soup.
Hunan Cuisine
Hunan Cuisine boasts great variety with unique tastes and local characteristics. Many famous cooks have made the cuisine independent from others. Beef omasum is sliced hair-thin, sometimes cut into the shape of a comb, and sauteed beef tenderloin is sliced as thin as a piece of paper. There are some innovative dishes such as chrysanthemum squid and goldfish with lotus flowers, which feature wonderful cutting and slicing skills.
Fujian Cuisine
One of the eight major Chinese cuisines, Fujian Cuisine was formed gradually through integration and exchanges between the Han culture of the central plains and ancient local Yue culture. Consisting of three distinct flavors of Fuzhou, Minnan and Minxi local dishes, Fujian Cuisine features light taste and tenderness, with sour and sweet tastes. Dishes such as ham in Rong soup, chopped meat with fish lips and chicken noodle soup feature thick local characteristics.
Anhui Cuisine
Anhui Cuisine is famous for its delicacies from mountain and sea with cooking methods including braising and boiling, with stress on precise cooking duration. Starch and oil are heavily used. Many of the dishes are slow-roasted over charcoal. Representative dishes include stewed fish head and tail, Fuliji roasted chicken, fat fish in milk and grape fish.

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