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The £600 heels 'as comfy as your trainers'

Profile:The £600 heels 'as comfy as your trainers'

The £600 heels 'as comfy as your trainers'

Towering stilettos may be the height of fashion – but coping with the pain and discomfort they cause can be a tall order, as millions of women will testify.


Now, though, one entrepreneur claims she has finally found the formula for high heels that are as comfortable as trainers.


Dolly Singh, a former executive with a US space transport company, called on experts including a rocket scientist, an astronaut and an orthopaedic surgeon to help her create the ultimate comfy heels using hi-tech plastics.

多莉·辛格(Dolly Singh)是一名美国宇航运输公司的前总监.她召集了包括一名火箭科学家、一名宇航员和一名矫形外科医生在内的专家团队,来协助她设计出这双高科技塑料制成的终极舒适的高跟鞋.

Ms Singh managed to convince the scientists to tackle it as a 'serious engineering problem' and their first pair of stilettoes is due to go on sale in a few months' time.


Unlike traditional stilettoes, which are based on a metal foot plate and rod for a heel, the Thesis Couture shoes are made of high-tech plastics and polymers.

与金属鞋底、鞋跟的传统高跟鞋不同,这款Thesis Couture高跟鞋是由高科技塑料和高分子聚合物制成的.

Designed to distribute the wearer's body weight from heel to toe, aerospace-grade foams in the sole reduce the impact of each step on the foot by up to 50 per cent.


But such functional fashion does come at a price – up to £600 a pair, to be precise.


The first shoes, with heels around three inches high, are expected to go on sale in the autumn.


Ms Singh admits they will not have exactly the same feeling as 'tennis shoes', but believes women will find them dramatically more comfortable.


She said: 'It's really important for comfortable and sexy to work together.'


Ms Singh formed Thesis Couture after convincing scientists to treat the 'fluffy' subject as a 'serious engineering problem'.

辛格女士在说服科学家把"消遣"的东西当作"严肃的工程问题"后造出了这款Thesis Couture鞋.

'The key was to make it an interesting problem in their language,' Ms Singh said.


'Asking them to design a high heel isn't interesting. But asking them to design a structure that supports a secondary structure, which is dynamic and has a 180-degree range of motion and happens to be a human body? That's interesting.


'I had to make them see it not as a fluffy problem, but as a serious engineering problem.'


Her team included British orthopaedic surgeon Andy Goldberg, a virtual reality firm and a 'fashion technologist'.

她的团队包括一名英国矫形外科医生安迪·戈德堡(Andy Goldberg)、一个虚拟现实公司,以及一个"时尚设计师".

The shoe's structure will be made in Singapore, with its exterior crafted in Italy and Brazil.


'I've loved high heels ever since I was young, but as I got older I began to love them less.


'I found myself in a position wher I had two choices: I could either downgrade my shoes and have uglier shoes, or I could keep wearing my really pretty shoes and I would end up with ugly, deformed feet.


'It got to a point that this became an important enough problem in my life wher I thought don't complain, do something.


'Millions of women for hundreds of years have been wearing the same crappy internal architecture for a long time, so it takes an outside force to prioritise and say actually consumers will reward this and will think it's important if we create it.'


The skeleton of the shoes are due to be manufactured in Singapore and the fashionable outer skin made in Italy and Brazil.


Initially, 1,500 limited edition pairs will be sold in the autumn for £610, with each numbered and signed by a guest fashion designer.


A few dozen pairs will also be sent to celebrities and VIPs.


Ms Singh said, following the launch, the shoes will be marketed at professional women and pairs will cost between £200 and £600 each.


But her ultimate goal is to license the company's technology to other brands.


'Five years from now I want every high heel on the face of the Earth to be made the way we make them,' Ms Singh said.


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