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Profile:勇敢女士徒手接住十层楼坠落女童 Brave woman saves toddler after 10th floor fall
A shocking moment took place in Hangzhou, a city in east China on July 2. A two-year-old girl named Niu Niu fell from a 10th floor building and was caught by a "super-mother" with her bare arms.

The super-mother's name is Wu Juping,32- year-old. The accident happened at around noon while Niu Niu's grandmother was outside to bring in quilts. The little girl woke up from her nap and her grandmother was nowher to be found. She then climbed onto the windowsill trying to find her grandmother.

A neighbor from the opposite building saw Niu Niu's body hanging out the window. A resident from the ninth floor tried to reach Niu Niu by using a ladder, but failed.

Wu Juping kicked off her high-heeled shoes, reached the falling child in time to break the toddler's fall, preventing the girl from hitting the ground at full force.

Wu and Niu Niu were immediately sent to a local hospital. Doctors said that Niu Niu suffers from multiple organ damage and is still in a deep coma.

"It's luck in the midst of sadness. It's miracle Niu survived the accident," Said Dr. Xu of Zhejiang Children Hospital.

The brave lady Wu Juping, an employee of Alibaba, became a mother seven months ago. Her left arm was severely injured in the accident. She woke up at 4 am the second day, and couldn't sleep well at all.

The story soon spread online, complete with photographs of the scene, describing the incident and Wu's heroic efforts. Thousands of people were moved by her bravery and prayed for her and the child to recover soon.

Wu said, "I myself have a seven-month-old baby, who happened to fall off a chair and hurt her lips, they bled a lot. So I thought if this little girl fell off from the 10th floor, the consequences might be horrible. So I thought I should help her."

"I am totally flattered. I just did a normal thing that everyone else would've done if they came across the same thing. It's so unexpected that people care about me so much and I would never thought to be known through this action," said Wu.

Niu Niu's father said, "Today is the first time I have felt such warmness in my heart."

According to the doctor, Wu Juping has a comminuted fracture in left arm, and an operation is needed. Many believe that a mother who was willing to sacrifice so much for a complete stranger should be cherished by society.

(China.org.cn by Li Jingrong July 6, 2011)

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