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Chinese Billionaire: Learn from the Good Model Citizen Lei Feng

Profile:Chinese Billionaire: Learn from the Good Model Citizen Lei Feng

Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao has taken out a full-page bilingual advertisement in the New York Times, inviting underprivileged Americans to a charity lunch and offering them cash handouts.

Chen also placed a photo of himself in the ad alongside a picture of Lei Feng, a Chinese soldier who is celebrated as a selfless, model citizen. The title above the images reads, "China's 'Lei Feng for a new era.'"

How much do you know about Lei Feng? What is Lei Feng spirit? Have you ever heard about the song "Learn from the Good Model Citizen Lei Feng" which Chen disclosed to sing during the lunch?

雷锋是谁?Who is Lei Feng?

雷锋(原名雷正兴,1940年12月18日-1962年8月15日),中华人民共和 国中国人民解放军战士。雷锋的形象一直和“无私奉献、谦虚待人、忠于党、忠于人民”联系在一起。1963年的3月,毛泽东主席题词“向雷锋同志学习”,自 此雷锋就成为一代代青少年学习的榜样,成为“乐于助人、勤俭节约”的文化楷模。
Lei Feng (December 18, 1940 – August 15, 1962) was a soldier of the People's Liberation Army in the People's Republic of China. Lei was characterised as a selfless and modest person who was devoted to the Communist Party and the people of China. In the campaign of "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng", initiated by Mao in 1963, Lei became a cultural icon symbolizing selflessness, modesty, and dedication; the youth of the country were encouraged to follow his example.

The core and essence of the Lei Feng spirit is: To live is to serve the people - live to make others happy.

The explanation below may help you gain a better understanding of the Lei Feng spirit.

rè ài zǔ guó ài gǎng jìng yè
热爱祖国 爱岗敬业

Literal Definition: patriotic, selfless dedication to your job
The love of one's country is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation; it is the sacred duty of every citizen. The best way to show one's patriotism is dedication. Treat your job seriously, be responsible for your duties, no matter when, take responsibility for your actions and work hard in whatever you do. Dedication is the most common devotion to society; it may seem trivial, but it makes a country great. 

Quotes from Lei Feng

There is a limit to one's life, but no limit to serving the people. I would devote my limited life to limitlessly serving the people.

If a person truly wants to study something, they can always find time. The key is whether they can budget their time in an efficient way.

For our life, we should be diligent and create wealth with our own hands, devoting ourselves to the liberation of human beings...That is the true happiness.

We should treat comrades like the breeze in spring, work hard like summer's sunshine, conquer difficulties like the autumn's bise sweeping withered leaves, and treat the enemy as ruthless as the cold winter.

A person for the revolutionary cause, just like a screw for a machine.

6.如果你是一滴水,你是否滋润了一寸土地?如果你是一线阳光,你是否照亮了一分黑暗?如果你是一颗粮食,你是 否哺育了有用的生命?如果你是一颗最小的螺丝钉,你是否永远守在你生活的岗位上?如果你要告诉我们什么思想,你是否在日夜宣扬那最美丽的理想?你既然活 着,你又是否为了未来的人类生活付出你的劳动,使世界一天天变得更美丽?我想问你,为未来带来了什么?在生活的仓库里,我们不应该只是个无穷尽的使用者。
If you are a dro of water, do you moisten an inch of the land? If you are the first sunlight, do you illuminate the dark hours? If you are food, do you foster useful life? If you are one of the smallest screws, will you always stick with the status of your life? If you want to tell us what you are thinking, do you disseminate the most beautiful ideal day and night? When you are alive do you always remember to work hard and realize your efforts will affect future lives and let the world become more beautiful day by day? I would like to ask you, what have you brought about for the future? In our life, we should not only be spenders.

At last we present you an everlasting song,




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