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Travel in Chinese Lesson 92 Vineyard

Profile:Travel in Chinese Lesson 92 Vineyard





























Xiaojie: Dad, come look! There are grapes everywher here! Everything is so green! It’s simply gorgeous.

Renhao: I’m glad you like it. Were it not for the grapes, how could it be a vineyard?

Xiaojie: Dad, aren’t grapes the most famous of all of the fruits that Xinjiang produces?

Renhao: Says who? Xinjiang produces so many different kinds; and different regions are famous for different fruits. There is a saying that goes, “The grapes of Turpan, the cantaloupes of Hami, and the fragrant pears of Korla receive praise far and wide; the guava of Karghilik are equally admired.”

Xiaojie: Enough! Enough! My mouth is watering! Let’s stay a few extra days in Xinjiang this time: I want to make sure I get to try every different fruit.

Renhao: Haha, don’t eat too much: it could upset your stomach! When you’re in Turpan, feel free to have grapes first. Oh, that’s right, there’s a place selling raisins up ahead. Would you like some? I’ll go buy them for you.

Xiaojie: Great! Let’s buy some to take home for Mom, too.

Xiaojie: Dad, look, there are so many different kinds of raisins here. Try one.

Renhao: Delicious! The taste is every bit as good as a fresh grape! It appears that the hot, dry climate of Turpan is perfectly suited to farming grapes and producing raisins.

Xiaojie: That goes without saying! It’s so hot here that all you’d need to do is put the grapes out under the sun, and before too long, they will become raisins!

Seller: You’re half right. Some of the grapes in Turpan are sun-dried, but others are dried in a shade room.

Xiaojie: Shade room? What kind of a room is that?

Seller: It’s a place specially designed for using wind to dry grapes. There’s one right over there.

Xiaojie: Dad, let’s go over and have a look.

Xiaojie: Dad, this room is so strange. I’m going go ask that lady about it.

Ma’am, is this a shade room?

Local: Shade room? Oh, yes, this is a shade room. But, we call it a ‘qunjian.’

Xiaojie: Dad, isn’t this room fun? There are so many openings!

Renhao: Duh! If it weren’t for all the openings, all the grapes would go bad. Locals hang up strands of fresh grapes, one by one, and then close the door. Forty days later, the grapes have become raisins. Is that right?

Local: That’s correct.

Xiaojie: Oh really? Dad, let’s put a strand of grapes in, too. I want to see how they become raisins.

Renhao: Haha, I don’t think we’ll have time for that. Although, there is one thing we can go do right now. Come with me. Thank you!

No problem.


1、不比......差 not any worse than, just as good


The taste of roast duck here is just as good as Quan Ju De.


The service here is just as good as that in a five-star hotel.

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The Special Products of Xinjiang

Looking at the Flaming Mountains in the distance from the city of Turpan, one can see nothing but glowing, barren red sand. But the Grape Valley, not far away, is a world of unique beauty. It makes for a striking contrast with the hot, dry and barren area around.Cushioned by grass and graced with trees, the valley is a world of green with brooks, canals and sparkling springs. There is a poetic flavor to the idyllic beauty of the valley. All kinds of vegetation are scattered throughout the valley, making the valley into what they call a ‘garden of one hundred flowers’ in spring and an ‘orchard of one hundred kinds of fruits’ in summer.

Xinjinag abounds in fruits and melons. Most famous of them are seedless white grapes, Korla fragrant pears and Hami melons. In the past, Hami melons were used as a tribute for the imperial court. Nowadays they are famous around the world for their large size and sweet taste, containing as much as 12 to 14% natural sugars. Seedless white grapes are also noted for their large clusters and small fruit. From these grapes are made Xinjiang Raisins of China, famous both at home and abroad.

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1、看你说的....... look what you've said. Disagree


Look what you've said, if it wasn't that he wasn't careful, then how could he have lost his wallet?




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