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Travel in Chinese Lesson 93 Kaer Well

Profile:Travel in Chinese Lesson 93 Kaer Well








人豪:好看,要是你把头发也编成像这个姐姐那样的辫子,那你就成了真正的“阿依古丽”了 。


























Xiaojie: Haha, it’s so much fun! Dad, can you move your stomach?

Renhao: No, it won’t move.

Xiaojie: Haha, that’s not what I meant. Look at that lady! She can move!

Xiaojie: Isn’t it pretty?

Renhao: Of course! I guess I’ll never be as good as those ladies. You know, the Uighur nationality as a whole is incredibly talented with singing and dancing.

Xiaojie: Dad, if I were to put on the lady’s hat, would that look nice?

Renhao: It would look nice! And if you were to braid your hair into braids like hers, you would become a true “Ayiguli”!

Xiaojie: Ayiguli? What does that mean?

Dancer: It’s a Uighur name. “Guli” means ‘flower,’ and “Ayiguli” means ‘moonlight flower.’ We have a lot of girls here with that name.

Xiaojie: Wow, it’s so pretty. Dad, when we go back, I want to change my name into “Ayiguli,” too. I also want to wear beautiful clothes that are exactly like hers. Hurry up, Dad, take me to buy some!

Renhao: Ok, ok. When we get back to Urumqi, we’ll buy some for you. Come on, let’s eat some grapes and cool off for awhile! Just now, the head of this house was telling me that these melons were chilled used snow meltoff from Heavenly Mountain. They’re so cold!

Renhao: Haha, you…

Xiaojie: Hey! Dad, why do you think it’s so hot right here? And yet the snow meltoff is so cold? It doesn’t change even a little.

Renhao: That’s because the snow meltoff is all hidden inside a special well.

Xiaojie: Oh? A special well? wher is that?

Dancer: I know wher it is. I’ll take you all to see it.

Renhao: Ok, let’s go.

Dancer: It’s up ahead.

Renhao: Oh, ok. Thank you! See you later.

Xiaojie: Wow, Dad! Come quick! The water here is so cold!

Renhao: Xiaojie, be careful!

Xiaojie: This must be the place wher they hide the snow meltoff, right? It’s so interesting!

Renhao: That’s right. This is called an aqueduct. Xiaojie, come up here.

Xiaojie: ‘Kaer’ well? What a strange name!

Renhao: Xiaojie, let me tell you. In Chinese, it means “well tube.” In Xinjiang, you can’t overestimate the importance of this aqueduct. This, along with the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, was one of the three Great Projects of Old.

Xiaojie: Do you mean Xinjiang has had the aqueducts since ancient times?

Renhao: Of course! In Xinjiang, anywher that it’s green, it’s because there is an aqueduct nearby. Think about it: if there weren’t an aqueduct near the vineyards, how would we be able to get such delicious grapes?

Xiaojie: Dad, I think the people here are just amazing. Hey Dad! Do you think I can drink this water?

Renhao: Of course you can drink it, and it’s quite sweet. All the people here drink this kind of water. Let’s give it a try together.


1、赶不上 not reach or catch up


His Chinese is that good. I just can't catch up.


When he starts working, he is so diligent and serious. I just will never be able to match that.

2、一模一样 exactly the same in appearance


He looks exactly like his father.


The clothing I'm wearing today is exactly the same as hers.

Sign Posts

Land of Song and Dance

Xinjiang is ethnically diverse, being populated by 13 of China's 55 minority nationalities, such as the Uygur, Hui, Mongolian and Manchu ethnic groups. The Muslim, Turkic-speaking Uygurs, making up nearly half the population, is the largest ethnic group in this area.

The Uygurs have a long and rich cultural tradition. The word “Uygur” itself means “unity” or “alliance,” describing the ethnic group’s formation. They speak Uygur, they believe in Islam, and they have very distinctive ethnical costumes and customs.

Xinjiang has had a reputation of the "Land of Song and Dance" since ancient times. Uygur music and dance are a special site to behold. During festive times like weddings, birthdays, harvest festivals and so on you can witness occasions of drinking wine from large bowls, eating large cubes of meat, singing and dancing warmly everywher in Xinjiang. The Uygur people are very hospitable and collective in spirit, and music is seen as a community activity. You will seldom see only a few people enjoying song and dance together. In Xinjiang, if you are invited to dance, it’s important not to refuse. Just follow along, twist your waist and wave your hands. A good time is guaranteed for all.

Substitution and Extension

1、要知道 you should know, it's important to note


You should know that he has been in China ten years already. That's why his Chinese is so authentic.




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