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Travel in Chinese Lesson 94 Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar

Profile:Travel in Chinese Lesson 94 Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar






























Xiaojie: Dad, Yakshmis!

Renhao: What is that gibberish coming out of your mouth? Is this Uighur that you learned from Gulandan, too?

Xiaojie: Haha, what I said means “hello.”

Renhao: It’s as though you’re addicted to learning Uighur! Why not just stay here and be a Xinjiang girl and never go back to Beijing!

Xiaojie: Haha, yaksh!

Renhao: You’ve gone crazy from all your fun! Weren’t you wanting to go buy a pretty skirt like Gulandan’s? I’ll take you to a good place.

Xiaojie: Whoa, wher are we? It looks like a castle!

Renhao: Xiaojie, this is the largest bazaar in Xinjiang.

Xiaojie: Bazaar?

Renhao: Yes! Xiaojie, ‘bazaar’ is a translation of the Xinjiang term ‘ba zha.’

Xiaojie: Oh, I know the English word ‘bazaar:” it means ‘market.’

Renhao: Haha, that’s correct! The locals call large markets “ba zha.” This particular Xinjiang bazaar is not only really fun, but inside, you can buy pretty clothes, and there are a lot of good things to eat.

Xiaojie: ‘Ba zha’?

Renhao: The locals call large markets “ba zha.” This bazaar is really great. Not only does it have pretty skirts for sale, but also other fun, and delicious things.

Xiaojie: Oh, I really want to go! Let’s go!

Xiaojie: Wow, this place is really hopping! With so many things, I feel like my eyes are not enough!

Renhao: Yeah, that’s called ‘lin lang man mu.’

Xiaojie: Lin lang man mu?

Renhao: See, I’m sure I’ve taught you this expression before. “Lin lang man mu,” or, ‘precious jade as far as the eye can see,’ describes a place wher so many different kinds of things are for sale that your eyes can’t get around to seeing all of them. I think you’ve been working so hard at learning Uighur lately that you’ve nearly forgotten all your Mandarin!

Xiaojie: No I haven’t!

Xiaojie: Hey! Dad, look at this! What is it? Is it a dongbula mandolin?

Renhao: Oh, no, this is called ‘dotar.’ It’s a special Uighur instrument. They sing while they strum it, and it sounds so nice!

Xiaojie: Wow, it’s so beautiful! Let’s buy one, too, to take home.

Renhao: Haha, alright, but we’ll have to find a girl from Xinjiang for you, otherwise there will be no one to teach you!

Xiaojie: Oh! What’s that?


1、动词+上瘾 become addicted, hooked


He's become hooked on studying Chinese.


He's become hooked on eating Peking duck and wants to eat it everyday.

2、不够+V not enough to do V


The monthly salary that he earns is not enough for his own spending.


There are so many dishes. You mean that they are not enough to eat?

Sign Posts

Urumqi--A Beautiful Prairie

The name Urumqi comes from the Mongolian language, meaning "a beautiful prairie". The breathtaking views and sweet smell of fruits drifting in the air make Urumqi a special place far in the west of China. Traditionally this has been a meeting place for Eastern and Western cultures, and that tradition continues to this day.

An interesting bit of trivia is that Urumqi is the farthest city in the world from the ocean, at 2250 km. However, for over two thousand years, the area around Urumqi has been lush pasture populated by many minorities who herded sheep and cattle. It was once an important town on the new northern route of the Silk Road, which linked central China to central Asia and even to the Middle East and Europe.

One fun attraction in Urumqi is to go on a bazaar tour, as this provides a good opportunity to mingle with the different ethnic groups and understand the life and customs of the local people. When you see the peddlers in their embroidered caps and the women in their colorful shawls, or hear the haunting ballads at a street-side restaurant, there is no mistaking wher you are. Visitors can taste a variety of national foods, enjoy fresh fruits and shop for local Xinjiang handicrafts. Er Dao Qiao Market is a very famous bazaar featuring ornate carpets, beautiful silks, strange medicines, traditional musical instruments and horse whips. This is a must-see destination in Urumqi.

Substitution and Extension

V+疯 go crazy doing sth (fig)


When he heard this news, he almost laughed himself silly.




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