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Zhang Yimou 张艺谋

Profile:Zhang Yimou 张艺谋
In more than 30 years, he changed his styles many times and often leads the trends. In the theme song, I Am Simply a Legend, of his film A Simple Noodle Story, Zhang Yimou RAPs the lyric, “No matter high table or low stool, they are wood after all.” This lyric well interprets Zhang Yimou’s art life: From a worker to a cameraman, and from an actor to a director. Every time he changed his job, he was successful. From the artistic film Red Sorghum to blockbuster Hero and on to the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Zhang Yimou made his name his brand: No matter what he does, he will be in the focus.
第一阶段:传奇初创 从工人到导演 惊艳佳作连连
Stage One: Legendary Initiation, From a Worker to a Director With
Products: Red Sorghum, Ju Dou, Raise the Red Lantern, To Live, The Story of Qiu Ju, Not One Less, The Road Home, etc.
After graduation from junior middle school in 1968, Zhang yimou worked in the rural areas of Qianxian County of Shaanxi Province and later was a worker in Xianyang No.8 Cotton Factory of Shaanxi. In 1978, the 28-year-old people got the opportunity of studying in camera department of Beijing Film Academy. After graduation, he worked in Xi’an Film Studio as a cameraman for Director Zhang Junzhao in the film One and Eight, Director Chen Kaige in the film Yellow Earth and Great Dress Parade. He was a genius cameraman and his bold layout and unique scene design won him a lot of domestic and international awards.
In 1987, Zhang Yimou became a actor, staring in the film Old Well directed by Wu Tianming, who was also the president of Xi’an Film Studio. This film also won him the domestic Golden Rooster Award and Hundred Flowers Award and the Best Actor Award in Tokyo International Film Festival.
But Zhang Yimou’s ambition was far from that. His maiden work as a director Red Sorghum fully illustrated a special era with thick colors. After that, his work such as Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern also left deep impression on the audience with thick colors. Later, he also directed a series of realism and literature-based films such To Live, The Story of Qiu Ju, Not One Less, The Road Home.
第二阶段:大片时代 开创武侠大片 惹来板砖满天
Stage Two: Blockbuster Age, Starting the Kungfu Blockbusters and Causing Numerous Criticisms
Products: Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower and Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles
In 2002, the 15th year after he was engaged in film making, Zhang Yimou tried commercial large-investment films. He collected the most popular film stars such as Jet Li, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, Chen Daoming, Zhang Ziyi and Donnie Yen Chi-Tan and invested more than 100 million yuan to produce China’s first commercial large-investment film of history story, Hero.
Hero won Zhang Yimou surprising box office revenue, which also caused numerous criticisms. But Zhang Yimou continued his efforts. Soon, he directed House of Flying Daggers, which again, led to numerous criticisms. His film Curse of the Golden Flower is also the commercial large-investment film following the path of “big investment, large-scale promotion, high office box revenue and great controversy.” Some people queried whether he had lost himself for commercial purposes.
第三阶段:跨界创作 玩转歌剧舞剧 奥运再创巅峰
Stage Three: Directing Operas and Ballet and Reaching the Peak in Directing Opening Ceremony of the Olympics
Products: the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, opera Turandot, ballet Raise the Red Lantern and large scale real-scene performance Impression series.
Zhang Yimou is a versatile person: He directed operas, ballets and Impressive series, shot the promotion films for Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo, directed auto ads and also worked as the art supervisor in online game companies… No matter what he does, he will be in the focus.
In 2008, Zhang Yimou was on another peak: A breathtaking opening ceremony made him on the new art peak. After the Olympic Games, Zhang Yimou became one of the most symbolic cultural personages.
第四阶段:重拍电影 新片是否恶俗 评价有赞有弹
Stage Four: Returning to Film Making with His New Films Praised as well as Criticized
Products: A Simple Noodle Story and Under The Hawthorn Tree
A Simple Noodle Story is Zhang Yimou’s first film after the Olympic Games. He invited Xiao Shenyang to star the film. In addition to the vulgar trails trailer, the film was criticized before it premiered. Many insiders said that Zhang Yimou directing the film was a kind of speculation; but some people regarded the film as a mark indicating Zhang Yimou’s returning to the freedom.

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