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Yang Liwei: China’s First Astronaut in Space 杨利伟:中华飞天第一人

Profile:Yang Liwei: China’s First Astronaut in Space 杨利伟:中华飞天第一人
At 9 a.m. October 15, 2003, Yang Liwei, aboard Shenzhou V manned spaceship, took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on the Gobi desert in northwest China's Gansu Province, starting his long-expected trip in the space. More than 20 hours later, Yang Liwei finished his last action of this trip by severing the rope of the parachute and walked out of the reentry module of the spaceship, putting an end to Chinese people's successful trip to the space for the first time.
This brave astronaut flew 600,000 km within 21 hours and 23 minutes in the space, becoming the first Chinese people entering the space, as well as the first people to travel that far in China. His flight indicates that China has become the third member on the stage of the world manned spaceflight.
Liaoning Province on June 21, 1965. Both of his parents are teacher. He also has an elder sister and a younger brother. The family of five led a harmonious and quiet life.
In summer of 1983, Yang Liwei entered No.2 Aviation College of the PLA Air Force through examination. During the four years life in the college, his performances were excellent and he did quiet good in every single subject. In 1987, Yang Liwei graduated and became a pilot of attack airplane in a division of the air force. Because of his diligence and intelligence, he became the top pilot in the division. Later, he became a pilot of a modified fighter.
In January 1998, as one of the first astronauts of China, Yang Liwei arrived in Beijing Astronaut Training base with his dreams and aspiration. Within less than two years, he learned more than 10 hi-tech courses such as basis of manned spaceflight, basis of spaceflight medicine. He got excellent marks in examinations. In order to master the concrete skill of spaceflight, he constantly challenged himself and completed nearly 100 training tasks in 58 specialties in eight categories within five years. He skillfully mastered the procedures and operation rules of spaceflight. During the technical examination, he got the highest mark and was seleced as one of the most possible astronauts for the first manned spaceflight.
After the reentry module of Shenzhou V returned to the earth, Yang Liwei was honored the title of "space hero" and awarded the "Space Medal of Merit."
"It was my motherland and the people that sent me to the space. The glory belongs to my motherland, to the people and to millions of astronauts," facing the honor, he said modestly.
In 2005, Yang Liwei was appointed to be the deputy director of China Astronaut Research and Training Center, which is known as the "cradle for China's astronauts." He trains with other astronauts and is responsible for selecting and training astronauts. With his experience of spaceflight, Yang Liwei helped the center establish the system of selecting and training astronauts with Chinese characteristics and explore and set up the organization and management mode that meet the requirements of researching and experimenting manned spaceflight.
"I will continue working hard and am ready to accept any task for me from my motherland and the people!" Yang Liwei often says like this.

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