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开学了!School Begins!

Profile:开学了!School Begins!

The holiday fun always seems to end too soon with the arrival of the new school term. All the fun of receiving red envelopes, playing with fireworks and family reunions becomes a thing of the past as school starts today. Have you finished all your homework? Are you ready to get up on time? Can you adjust to school life both physically and psychologically?

Today is a big day for most Chinese students. More than 2 hundred million students are back in their classrooms for the second term of the 2013-14 academic year. They have put on their backpacks and gathered their school supplies to greet the New Year with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Lv Haoran is a 9th grade student from Zhengzhou city in Henan, his winter vacation was mostly relaxed, with the exception of the last week. "I failed to complete my homework on schedule, so more than seventy percent of my homework remains unfinished. School will start in a week and I have a mountainous amount of work to complete".

Some students have come up with a win-win solution- to collaborate on the homework. The division of the work is clear-cut, with each student being charged with specific responsibilities, before they then share the results. Haoran felt he had no choice but to join the "homework elimination squad" after seeing all his classmates finishing their homework with this method.

Most high schools in China tend to set large amounts of written homework for the holidays. Although many schools have recently attempted to reform their homework systems, the amount of research work being assigned to students still far exceeds their practical workload, and it still takes students considerable time and effort to finish their work on time. Both self-discipline on the part of the students and parental supervision is necessary to avoid students becoming overloaded with homework.

开学另一件不得不提的苦楚就是起床了.虽说早起的鸟儿有虫吃,可谁会在假期不睡到自然醒?生物钟的调整对于学生尤为重 要.假期平均9点起床的孩子,8点上学会造成上课哈欠连天.有甚者干脆拒绝起床,引来家长勃然大怒,"狮子吼","拉被子"这些方法都不能让孩子在愉快中 醒来.
Another horror worth mentioning is having to get up early again at the start of term. It is said that the early birds catches the worm, but who would bother to set their alarms during the break? Adjusting one's biological clock is very important for students. Those who are used to sleeping in until 9am during the holidays tend to nod and yawn in class when they have to be at school by 8. Moreover, some students simply refuse to get up and become irritated by their parents who may have to result to less pleasant tactics such as yelling at the sleepy child or pulling off their covers.

The best way to get a child up from bed is to give him 10 minutes to get ready. During this time you can turn on the light, prepare breakfast, or play some light music before employing some soft nudging or encouraging words. Help him wake up in a gentle state to start a beautiful day in the most pleasant way possible.


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